Places within object that need to be scanned and marked as checked (specific room, territory, gates and etc.)

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Places are points located in the object, which must be verified by an employee when completing a work order.

You can create, edit and archive places.

How can be used

When an employee arrives to the object, he may scan or enter the NFC/QR code and the place status color will change from red (not verified) to green (verified). This way you may conveniently monitor whether a point has already been verified.

During scanning the coordinates are taken and places are visible in the places tab inside the work order. Desktop user can open a work order in detailed view, click on places column and see the scanned places together with "Map of place records" button.

Creating a Place

If you want to create a place, click on "New Place" button.

Enter the name of the place, select an object from the list and enter NFC/QR code.

To view the place, select and right-click an entry on the places list. Select QUICK or DETAILED VIEW in the context menu.

Note: An object may have more than one place (ex. Front Gate, Back Gate, Office room, etc.)

Places information displayed in the PDF act

If you are using places functionality, you can see them in the PDF act now. We provide the information such as the title of the place, its code and scan time. Now the customers can be sure all the places were visited and scanned.

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